Spring 2002 Vol. 4 No. 1

Powder Booth for Large Parts
The 5K powder collector features a
5,000-cfm collection wall of cartridges for large-part finishing. Controls have photohelic-initiated back-pulsing. Low air-to-cloth ratio extends filter life. Walk-in or in-line models are available.
Deimco Inc.

Powder Gun Offers Quick Color Change
The Sure Coat automatic powder spray gun is air-purge cleanable for fast color change without gun disassembly. Other features include user-adjustable automatic feedback current control to optimize system performance over a wide variety of part profiles and configurations. The system automatically adjusts voltage output to maintain optimal charge and external field strength, regardless of gun-to-part distance. Select Charge technology simplifies system performance by providing application-specific coating modes with electrostatic parameters. The gun is designed for use with the Sure Coat modular gun-control system and individual Sure Coat gun controller.
Nordson Corp.

Liquid Primer for Powder Coatings
Primgreen 2 liquid primer is designed for use with Rilsan powder coatings. It improves the adhesion of powder coatings to metal substrates. The primer contains 2% VOCs, providing a viable alternative to high-VOC primers.
Atofina Chemicals Inc.

Vacuum Filters Fine Powders
The WS 2220 high-filtration vacuum reclaims large quantities of powder while keeping the work area free of dust. Filter efficiency is 99.9% at 0.5 micron. The 110-volt vacuum handles fine materials without premature filter clogging.
The housing is constructed of compression-cast composite that is dent- and rust-proof.
Ruwac USA

Efficient Powder Coating for Tubes
EPSI's Paint Thief combats two common problems for powder coating tubes: hanging pipes or tubes with no natural hanging point and coating that adheres inside the tube. The pipe hooks grip the inside of the piece to be coated or painted. The top end can be a variety of hooks to fit most racking systems, and the bottom end is a flexible spring customized to fit a tube's diameter. In addition, a metal plate is welded above the top end of the pipe, which attracts powder to itself so coating does not enter the opening and adhere to the inside of the pipe.

Exterior Powder Coatings
Morton Powder Coatings' HY2 is a high-performance, exterior finish that is easy to apply and cost-effective to use. Improved particle size and film build control helps HY2 contribute to an overall reduced reject rate and improved Faraday Cage penetration. HY2 features a uniform build, ranging from 1.3 to 2.4 mils and electrostatic charging characteristics that result in high first-pass transfer efficiency. Cure cycles range from seven to 20 minutes at 360 to 400ºF. This durable outdoor finish is appropriate for lawn mowers and tractors, wheels, vending machines, building products, pallet racking, playground equipment, electrical enclosures,
fencing and outdoor furniture.
Morton Powder Coatings

Powder Coating with Increased Flexibility
ITW Gema's ColorMagic Series Powder Coating Cylinder is designed for operations that change colors frequently or extreme color environments. This powder coating cylinder consistently changes colors in 10 minutes. This speed helps finish more parts in less time and increases flexibility in an extreme color environment. In order to increase productivity, the powder coating cylinder uses microseparators for quick, simple cleaning and removal. This system also allows operators to spray powder directly from the powder's original shipping container to eliminate the process of using hoppers and other equipment for color changes.
ITW Gema

High Optical Performance Pigment
Tiona 696 is a TiO2 pigment that combines superdurability of silica-encapsulated products with superior optical performance of zirconia-stabilized products. Tiona 696 has been designed to give high opacity, tinting strength, gloss and minimal gloss haze. Typical applications for the surface-treated pigment include powder coatings, OEM and automotive refinishing systems, marine and protective coatings, low-VOC liquid industrial coatings, industrial maintenance coatings, coil coatings and organosols and plastisols. Millenium Chemicals

High-Performance UV Technology
Honle UV America Inc.'s Advanced Cold Mirror (ACM) technology was designed for integration into its range of UV-curing systems. The ACM offers heat reduction in manufacturing processes on a varied range of applications, including high-quality performance on coating applications where a high-energy dose is needed on products, such as powder coatings.
Honle UV America Inc.

Powder Coatings for Heat-Sensitive Substrates
Nuvocoat is Protech Chemical's line
of UV-curable powder coatings that are designed for heat-sensitive substrates
and temperature-sensitive preassembled products. These powder coatings come in different colors and textures. They are chemical and scratch resistant, and are produced with durable finish. Nuvocoat can be adapted to 3-D objects and has high-quality edge coverage, short curing cycles and low temperature requirements.
Protech Chemicals Ltd.