Fall 2002 Vol. 4, No. 2


Small Particle Size

Peridium Powder Coatings are manufactured by using a process that utilizes fourth generation German and Swiss premixing, extruding and grinding equipment, which offers production control and efficiency. A computer-aided laser defraction unit measures powder particle size and particle distribution, which centers around tightly controlled, smaller average particle size. Peridium Powder Coatings have high first-pass transfer efficiency and electrostatic wrap for powder coating end users. The coatings are available in a wide variety of colors, glosses, finishes and chemistries. Peridium Powder Coatings are offered in epoxy, epoxy-polyester hybrids, TGIC polyester and urethane polyester formulas.
Diamond Vogel Paints

Simplified Powder Recovery

Diversified Finishing Equipment's new CRBH automatic gun series powder booth is designed for quick color change and offers advancements in the recovery of powder. The booth is equipped with a full width conveyor belt. The belt carries the powder to a fluidizing hopper for reuse. The booth's spray tunnel is constructed of stainless steel.
Diversified Finishing Equipment Inc.

Gold Bronze Pigments

Eckart America's new Dorolan stabilized gold bronze pigments combine high color strength with a metallic appearance. They are offered in eight different shades, including copper, pale gold, rich pale gold, rich gold, English green, lemon, deep gold and fire red. They are also available in different particle sizes. While fine pigments yield silky opaque shades, sparkle effects can be achieved with the coarse grades. Eckart uses a special manufacturing process to coat conventional bronze pigments with a highly transparent and homogenous silica layer. This protective layer enhances color stability.
Eckart America LP

Special Effect Powder Coatings
Sherwin Williams' new Powdura Spice and Metallic Special Effect Color Card showcases a wide range of aesthetic protective finishes available in specialty colors and textures for the decorative thermoset powder market. Powdura Spice powder coatings are blends of multiple powder colors in unique combinations for creating multicolored effects. These finishes can be used for casual furniture, shelving, case goods and leisure equipment. Powdura Metallic powder coatings contain metal flakes and mica particles and are available in 16 colors. They can be used for enhancing the appearance of store displays, electronic enclosures, shelving, tools and leisure equipment. The Spice and Metallic powder coatings can be applied with a single application and top-coated with clear powder for added finish performance. They are offered in epoxy, hybrid, polyester urethane and TGIC polyester chemistries for interior and exterior applications.
The Sherwin-Williams Co.

Specialty Powder Coatings

H.B. Fuller's Global Coatings Division recently added 40 new and unique specialty products to its Caliber brand. These 40 new products include textures, veins, wrinkles transparents and hammertones. The specialty line of in-stock powder coatings will be available for shipment this Fall. The Caliber powder coatings are specifically designed to meet the quick turn around needs of small to medium job shops and custom coaters. Minimum size orders are 45 pounds. And orders processed before noon can be shipped the same day. The complete Caliber line includes 105 weatherable colors, 28 metallics and 19 nonweatherable colors. The Caliber line is supported by a user-friendly color wheel that offers an accurate representation of all in-stock colors.
H.B. Fuller Co.-Global
Coatings Division

Weatherable Powder Coatings

Morton Powder Coatings' HY2 is a high-performance, weatherable exterior finish that is easy to apply and cost-effective to use. Improved particle size and film build control help HY2 contribute to an overall reduced reject rate and improved Faraday Cage penetration. HY2 features a uniform build, ranging from 1.3 to 2.4 mils and electrostatic charging characteristics that result in high first-pass transfer efficiency. Cure cycles range from seven to 20 minutes at 360 to 400ºF. This weatherable outdoor finish is appropriate for lawn mowers and tractors, wheels, vending machines, building products, pallet racking, playground equipment, electrical enclosures, fencing and outdoor furniture.
Morton Powder Coatings

Efficient Manual Powder Coating Application

Wagner's Bravo Airfluid Manual Powder Unit is designed for efficient manual powder-coating application. Recipe recall and powder volume can be a one-touch operation with the gun-mounted remote controls. The large, LCD-equipped control unit has features that are designed to enhance powder application. Controlling the vibratory base and fluidization air, in concert with gun use was developed to save time and energy. User-configurable recipes provide the user with flexibility to meet specific needs. High-voltage cascade power performance settings were developed to enhance the application of more difficult metallic powders.
Wagner Systems Inc.