Fall 2001 Vol. 3, No. 1

Flow Modifier Enhances Surface Appearance
Modarez MFP-A25P flow modifier for powder coatings was designed to address the surface imperfections, such as orange peel and craters, seen in low-temperature-cure systems for wood and plastic substrates. This silicone-free polymer works well in TGIC polyesters, epoxy hybrids and GMA-acrylic systems, and it can be used in both industrial and automotive formulations. It will not yellow during overbake conditions and delivers enhanced flow, smoothness and recoatability.
Synthron Inc. 828-437-8611

Texturing Agent Reduces Gloss
PowderTex 61 crystalline fluoropolymer texturing agent produces consistent, reproducible textures in a wide range of powder coatings. It provides good gloss reduction and texture appearance at low concentrations. This processed polytetrafluoroethylene produces satin gloss and controlled orange peel-type textures in general metal finishes and coatings for OEM and aftermarket automotive parts, farm equipment and electronics.
Shamrock Technologies 800-349-1822

Hardeners Are Compatible With Epoxy Resins
Aradur curing agents are suitable for use with Araldite epoxy resins to produce coatings that are resistant to food, chemicals and fuels. Powder coatings formulated with these hardeners can be used to protect oil and gas pipelines and steel reinforcing bars. These products can also serve as an integral part of special can gold lacquers and stain-resistant white enamels.
Vantico Inc. 914-785-3000

Sieve Reclaims Powder Overspray
Model RVM-22E off-line gyratory sieve reclaims overspray and recovers virgin powder coatings. This portable unit, vibrating at 3,600 rpm, can accommodate a 50-pound box of powder emptied directly onto the screen surface. Process rates range from two to four minutes per box, depending on the type of powder coating.
Because the sieve has only two stainless-steel product contact parts, cleanup and color changes are simplified. A self-feeding hopper allows the operator to load a new container, while the processed coating is discharged into a clean box.
MM Industries Inc., Vorti-Siv Div. 800-227-7487

Polyester Resin Yields Low Gloss Coating
Fine-Clad M-8406 is a bi-functional polyester designed to cure by glycidyl-acrylic hardeners and urethane cross-linker to yield high-performance matte and semi-gloss powder coatings. When cross-linked with Fine-Clad A-266 acrylic cross-linker, Fine-Clad M-8406 produces a super-durable matte finish with excellent exterior durability, superior burnish and mar resistance, excellent mechanical properties and film smoothness, a stable low gloss at varied extrusion and baking conditions, as well as the ability to achieve various gloss levels with formulating technique. Typical applications include automotive parts, metal furniture and fixtures and aluminum extrusions.
Reichhold Chemicals 800-431-192