Spray Application Training Tools

IOWA WASTE REDUCTION CENTER: Two new tools can assist spray technicians in developing the proper spray techniques. The VirtualPaint™ training system combines an instrumented spray gun with advanced software that projects paint onto an interactive display when the spray gun is triggered. This interactive display provides continual feedback to trainees relative to their amount of overspray, overlap, transfer efficiency, average mil thickness and ounces of paint sprayed. The system decreases the amount of time spent on training, requires no cleanup and reduces overall material consumption and waste produced as no actual paint is being used during training. The LaserPaint™ system was designed to help spray technicians determine the proper gun-to-part distance. A targeting tool that attaches to any make or model of spray gun, LaserPaint displays two laser beams on the part being painted. When the spray gun and LaserPaint are held at the correct distance and angle, the two beams converge to form a single dot. The system can decrease costs, material consumption, amount of waste produced and the time spent performing a spray application. Call 800.422.3109 or visitpaint.iwrc.org.

Color Formulation Software

X-RITE INC.: The newest editions of the color formulation and quality control software Color i®Match and Color i®QC 5 for paints and coatings features eJobs, an automated tool that stores built-in digital procedures, color specifications and instrument configurations to simplify color jobs. The new tool is designed to help better manage multiple color jobs across global supply chains for a fast, reliable digital workflow. Visitwww.xrite.com.

Electrostatic Hazards Control Training DVD

NEWSON GALE INC.: An integrated DVD/DVD-ROM training package has been developed to provide staff training in the control of electrostatic hazards at facilities handling flammable liquids, powders or gases. The program includes a 25-minute video that provides an introduction to the nature and dangers of static electricity and the available means of controlling this hazard, along with two PowerPoint presentations that can be used alone or as part of a company-prepared in-house training course. Other training and informational resources provided in the package include a set of questions intended to demonstrate the qualification of personnel working in hazardous areas, a 24-page publication based on international static safety guidelines, a printable safety checklist wall chart, and a set of training and presentation notes for use by a course leader. The program is available for a variable licensing fee, depending on usage. Call 732.987.7715 or visitwww.newson-gale.com.

Robotic Simulation Software

DASSAULT SYSTEMES: The DELMIA IGRIP™ robotic solution and UltraPaint have been implemented at the Caterpillar facility in Decatur, IL, to assist in the upgrade of the company's robotic paint production lines where a number of new robots have been installed requiring intensive re-programming. IGRIP is a physics-based, scalable robotic simulation solution for quick and graphical modeling and off-line programming (OLP) of complex, multi-device robotic workcells for applications such as painting, welding, dispensing, material removal and machine tending. The OLP capability allows users to accurately program robotic systems without tying up physical resources on the factory floor, thereby reducing work hours and process engineering lead-time while improving accuracy. Included with the UltraPaint is a set of painting simulation tools. Spray gun and paint attributes can be entered into the painting device, and the results can be graphically displayed in multiple colors illustrating relative film thickness; or exact thickness can be obtained though the uses of a built-in film build gauge. Complex paint booths can be constructed, and multiple robot moving line applications can be simulated. Additionally, the Realistic Robotic Simulation (RSS) feature allows the IGRIP software to interface with a robot manufacturer's proprietary motion planning software (called an RCS module) to provide greater accuracy in the trajectory motion and cycle time prediction. Visitwww.3ds.com.

File Transfer Service

FILEPORTER, INC.: A new web-browser-based file transfer service has been designed to allow collaborative engineering teams to quickly and easily share CAD drawings and other large files securely while avoiding the inefficiencies and security holes inherent in traditional file sharing software or the delays and expense of putting files on a CD for overnight package delivery. From the transfer service web page, users simply select a file, enter one or more recipient addresses, and click the send button. Recipients receive an e-mail with an embedded link that can be clicked on to retrieve the file. The service then sends a confirming e-mail to the sender indicating the recipient has received the file. Call 508.787.0550 or visitwww.fileporter.com.

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