The SUR/FIN 2008 Airline/Aerospace Symposium on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 17-18, will focus on alternative finishes and coatings for both commercial and military applications, as well as the emerging technologies and innovations required to apply those finishes.

A session chaired by Steve Gaydos, Boeing Corp., will address “Cadmium Coating Alternatives for High-Strength Steel–Phase II,” presented by Dr. Elizabeth S. Berman and Thomas A. Naguy, Air Force Research Laboratory, Neil Huber and Leanne Debias, Concurrent Technologies Corp.; “Properties of APCVD Aluminum Coatings – An Environmentally Acceptable Replacement for Electroplated Cadmium Coatings,” presented by Dr. Eric W. Brooman, Air Force Research Laboratories/RXSC; “Composites Technology for the NERVA Launcher Fuel Tanks,” presented by Dr. Radu Rugescu, Aerospace Engineering Department, U.P.A. Romania and Visiting Professor, Texas A&M University, Vasile Moga, U.P.A. Romania; and “Low Pressure Portable Cold Spray: Technology and Applications,” presented by Julio Villafuerte, Ph.D., P.Eng., CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd.

A session chaired by Dr. Melissa Klingenberg, Concurrent Technologies Corp., will include “Update on Developments in CR-free Coatings for Aerospace Applications,” presented by Dr. Eric W. Brooman and Thomas A. Naguy, Air Force Research Laboratories, Dr. Melissa L. Klingenberg and Melissa A.B. Pavlik, Concurrent Technologies Corp.; “Laser Depainting at Air Logistics Centers,” presented by Thomas Naguy, Airforce Research Laboratories, Debora Naguy, Air Force Material Command, Gerard Mongelli, Randy Straw, Dr. Melissa Klingenberg, James Arthur, Shanna Denny, and Georgette Nelson, Concurrent Technologies Corp.; and “UV-Curable Coatings for Aerospace Applications,” presented by Thomas A. Naguy, Air Force Research Laboratories, Steve Finley, Randy Straw, Georgette Nelson, and Matthew Campbell, Concurrent Technologies Corp.

On Wednesday, June 18, Frank Altmayer, MSF, AESF Fellow, AESF Foundation Technical Education Director, will chair a session titled “Surface Finishing for Airline/Aerospace/Military MRO Boot Camp,” in which Frank Altmayer, instructor, will present three modules from the new AESF Foundation Course: Surface Finishing for MRO. The modules include cadmium plating, chromium plating and hydrogen embrittlement.

SUR/FIN 2008, sponsored by the National Association for Surface Finishing (, will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. For more information, contact Cheryl Clark at 202.457.8404, or