Glen Allen, VA - Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announced the addition of a new report to its January publication schedule titled “Conductive Coatings in Electronics and Related Applications.” The report will be released the week of January 23.  

While much of the conductive coatings market is mature and uses well-established methods for applying various kinds of conductive coatings, there are a growing number of opportunities for innovative suppliers of new kinds of conductive coating materials and a growing number of customers eager to evaluate these newer products. The opportunities are driven by several factors. 

Applications in alternative energy generation and storage are an important growing market. Solar panels now constitute a major market for electronics materials, and there are new kinds of batteries and capacitors on the market that need higher performance electrodes. 

There is a growing need for a wider selection of high-performance transparent conductive electrodes. While indium tin oxide (ITO) will continue to dominate the market, there are also real opportunities for new transparent conductors, from alternative, sputter-deposited metal oxides to wet-coated nanometal, carbon nanotube, and conductive polymer-based coatings. Manufacturers of products across the spectrum, from new types of displays to lighting and solar panels, are increasingly willing to evaluate ITO alternatives. 

The expansion of electronics that support pervasive wireless computing is fueling growth in the market for EMI/RFI coatings. Legacy products will continue to do well, but new solutions for shielding are also expected to grow. This application was once considered slow growth, but has transformed into one that has greater potential than ever before. 

All of these trends have increased the opportunities for entirely new conductive materials, and, taken together, will help drive the value of the conductive coatings market upward. 

In this report, NanoMarkets identifies where the main opportunities in conductive coatings will be found in the next eight years. The report separates the market into four main classes of conductive coatings. These are metals, metallic oxides, conductive polymers and nanomaterials. The report discusses the latest technical and commercial developments and latest materials that are appearing on the scene, such as graphene and nanomaterials substitutes for ITO. 

The report includes a detailed eight-year forecast of conductive coatings markets by application and material, and it contains a discussion of some of the key materials suppliers and other firms active in this space. 

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