WYANDOTTE, MI - Effective March 16, or as contracts allow, BASF will increase list and off-list prices for resins and performance additives by 5-15 percent in North America. 

The price increase pertains to only the North American graphic arts, coatings, and related markets, and is in addition to previous price increase announcements. This includes, but is not limited to, the following product lines:  Capcure® polymercaptans; Empol® dimer acids and co-products; Genamid® amidoamine epoxy curing agents; Joncryl® acrylic emulsions, polyols, solid resins and solutions; Laromer® oligomers and reactive diluents; Luhydran® self-crosslinking acrylic emulsions; Luwipal® and Plastopal® crosslinkers; Sovermol® bio-based polyols; Versamid® polyamide resins and epoxy curing agents; and Versamine® modified-amine epoxy curing agents.