Colorstream® multicolor effect pigments stand out due to their continuous change from one color to the next, depending upon the angle from which they are viewed. This angle-dependent color travel gives buildings a captivating visual appeal, attracting attention in a subtle way. Miraval® effect pigments have unparalleled color purity, high transparency and intensive reflective power.

They can be used to create effect stylings with a brilliant shimmer and radiant luster. By varying the pigment concentration in the coating formulation, effect pigments based on synthetically produced calcium aluminum borosilicate create fascinating effects ranging from individual sparkling reflections to a metallic shimmering appearance. To attain a delicate shimmer or luster, Miraval pigments can be added to formulations with a concentration of less than one percent without causing a change in the color tone. Combining Miraval pigments with each other opens up an extraordinary variety of styling possibilities.