INDIANAPOLIS - Sachtleben has expanded its Sachtoperse family of barium sulphate pigments to include new patented, functionalized pigments designed to optimize paint properties and meet new requirements in the coatings market.

“Developed in response to international demand, our new pigments are optimally tailored to their respective binder and designed to provide secure bonding between pigment and resin,” explained Milan W. Krumbe, Director Coatings of Sachtleben. “We refer to this bonding mechanism as ‘the octopus effect.’”

Sachtoperse EP epoxy functionalized pigments can be incorporated, for example, into polyester-resin-based coating systems, epoxy-modified alkyd stoving enamels or amino-resin-based stoving enamels. Sachtoperse AM amino functionalized pigments are optimized for use with two-pack PUR coatings or alkyd-, acrylate- and polyester-resin-based coating systems.

The concept of functionalized particles focuses on the incorporation of inorganic pigments into the organic coating systems via chemical bonding, which leads to maximum compatibility at particle surface and resin. Increased network density improves barrier characteristics and leads to improved chemical and scratch resistance. Due to improved compatibility, it allows, for the first time, higher loads of inorganics in coating systems linked with improved technical performance.

According to Krumbe, “This new Sachtleben technology generates economic benefits for the paints and coatings industry; increased particle concentration makes it possible to reduce binder or additive contents, for example, assuring freedom of formulation, enhanced performance and important cost benefits for the user.”

Coatings formulated with Sachtoperse functionalized pigments offer the following performance properties: corrosion and chemical resistance; scratch, impact and wear resistance; ultra-high gloss; adhesion improvement; and rheological stability.