LONDON – A market report by London-based Visiongain indicates that the global packaging coatings, inks and additives market will reach a value of $15.27 billion in 2012, as increased demand for packaging in the emerging economies boosts the market.

The report, The Packaging Coatings, Inks and Additives Market 2012-2022, predicts that the industry will record continuous growth over the next decade, as consumers in emerging countries drive packaging demand.

The author of the report noted, “Packaging coatings, inks and additives demand is inherently linked with packaging demand. As emerging-market consumers grow wealthier, the need for a variety of packaging applications is expected to increase demand for packaging coatings, inks and additives. Innovation in the industry and the attempts by packaging providers to capture consumer attention in the crowded marketplaces in developed countries are also expected to increase the market size as well.”

The report provides forecasts for the period 2012-2022 in terms of value for the market, as well as for three submarkets (packaging coatings, packaging inks and packaging additives). In addition, 14 national packaging coatings, inks and additives markets are forecast and analyzed. The report also provides profiles of 13 leading companies operating within the market.

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