In the age of Go2Meeting, Skype and webinars, Taminco continues to invest in the kind of real, personal interaction that can only take place at the European Coatings Show. “I cannot think of a better way to achieve the interaction that leads to industry-wide transformation than being at the European Coatings Show,” explained Kurt Buyse, Taminco’s Global Business Director, Performance Products. “There simply is no better place for Taminco to share about our industry-leading coatings additives Advantex® and Vantex®-T,” he added.

Paint manufacturers demand additives that enable low-odor, low-VOC paints – something that can’t be done with ammonia. By switching from ammonia to Advantex, formulators can reduce anti-freeze, surfactant and defoamer by up to 60%, resulting in savings of about $10 per 100 gallons – not including potential savings on pigment and/or dispersant.

For formulators who want environmentally friendly, zero-VOC paints, Taminco offers Vantex-T. Like Advantex, Vantex-T is a cost-effective, multi-functional amine additive. But, explained Ellen Van de Woestijne, Global Market Manager, “Vantex-T is changing the paint formulation world by enabling environmentally friendly, zero-VOC paints with virtually no odor.”

 On Monday, Dr. Michael D. Gernon delivered a presentation on “Understanding the Relative Volatility of Materials,” a paper co-authored by Gernon, Buyse and Dane Jones of California State Polytechnic University.