Michelman is featuring a variety of new and enhanced surface modifiers in Stand 7-523. One of the new products being introduced is Michem® Wood Coating 75, a proprietary anionic formulation that provides excellent water resistance in topical wood coatings. The new low-VOC formulation prevents the swelling of wood in the presence of water, and produces outstanding water bead.

Other highlighted products include:

  • Michem Prime 6121, a versatile dispersion that provides outstanding adhesion to both metallic and cellulosic substrates, aids corrosion protection, and enhances the water, grease, oil, and solvent resistance of coatings and adhesives.
  • Michem Guard 349, a nonionic polyethylene dispersion designed to impart rub resistance, block resistance and matting properties in aqueous paints, coatings and inks.
  • NatureShield® 41, a natural oil emulsion used in wood and concrete applications to produce water resistance. It also creates a wet look on stone surfaces. As a penetrating oil emulsion, it highlights the grain of wood substrates.
  • Michem Emulsion 53145, a co-emulsion additive that produces superior rub and scratch resistance in aqueous industrial coatings and printing inks. It can be used at 3% to 5% dry weight on polymer solids to improve coating performance. It also works well as an anti-block additive with some water resistance properties.