Sun Chemical’s booth, located in Hall 4, Stand 4-451, showcases a family of metallic pigments for waterborne coatings, leadership inQuinacridonepigment technology, and a full-range of environmentally focused dispersions and preparations.

“Our customers are looking for solutions that will help them differentiate from their competitors and grow their business,” said Mehran Yazdani,Vice President, Marketing, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments. “With our recent acquisition of Benda-Lutz and as a full-service, global pigments leader that is able to address any coating need customers may have, we look forward to showing how our various product lines can be tailor-made specifically to the needs of each individual customer and ultimately grow their business.”

The Stand highlights a family of metallic pigments for waterborne coatings comprised of a wide variety of chemicalpassivationand encapsulation technologies under theBenda-Lutz®brand name.

Benda-Lutz AQUARALis a range of VOC-free, water-based pastes that provide excellent opacity and metallic effect for environmentally friendly coatings. AQUARAL WSpigments are based on a next-generation stabilizing methodology that provides extended gassing stability, and improved metallic brilliance and travel. For waterborne coatings with premium mirror-like effects,Benda-Lutz SPLENDALoffers four unique aluminum platelet suspensions produced via physical vapor deposition.

For applications requiring the highest level of gassing resistance, Sun Chemical offers multiple encapsulation technologies for high-performance coatings. Based on heavy-metal-free encapsulation technology,Benda-Lutz STABIL SIaluminum pigments provide a variety of optical effects with long-term stability and gassing resistance for industrial waterborne finishes. Automotive stylists will be interested in Benda-Lutz MAXAL SIgrades for a bold metallic look. These aluminum pigments combine the maximum surface reflectivity and travel of MAXALwith the gassing resistance and circulation stability of SI encapsulation. For chemical resistance, the company offers its EC encapsulation technology. Benda-Lutz MAXALECencapsulated pastes provide superior resistance to alkali and acid staining for a wide variety of performance coatings.

The company is also showcasing a spectrum ofQuindoproducts, including the vibrant yellow shade redPR209and the highly chromatic unique blue shade ofPV55.Suitable for use in the majority of coatings markets where high-performance pigments are required, Sun Chemical’sQuinacridone pigments can be used in both solvent and waterborne formulations and offer excellent durability,lightfastness and solvent-resistant properties.

Paint manufacturers looking for pigment dispersions with high color strength, excellent lightfastness and compliance with the latest environmentally friendly standards required by European legislation, can use Sun Chemical Performance Pigments’Sunsperse® ECOaqueous pigment dispersions for waterborne emulsion architectural paints. The 12-color range, developed for the in-plant production of ready mixed colors, is APE-free, VOC-free and resin-free.

 Other dispersions available for zero- to low-VOC coatings, including theSprectaRay,Benda-Lutz UVAL andAquadisperseproduct lines, are also on display. Additionally, Sun Chemical is highlighting its full-line ofPredisolhigh-performance pigment preparations for high-performance coatings seeking high transparency, including high-jet carbon black in a variety of carriers for solvent systems.