DALLAS – Celanese, a global technology and specialty materials company, is simplifying its brand architecture by launching a unified brand that represents the company’s multiple businesses and capabilities.

Historically, Celanese was represented by separate businesses, including: Acetate Products, Acetyl Intermediates, Advanced Fuel Technologies, Clarifoil, Emulsion Polymers, EVA Performance Polymers, Nutrinova and Ticona Engineering Polymers. Each of these names is being replaced by Celanese.

“Going forward, everyone in Celanese, our world-class products, our process technologies and solutions from historical businesses will now be represented by one Celanese name,” said Mark Rohr, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Some of these products, solutions and technologies include: cellulose derivatives such as Clarifoil® and CelFX® matrix technology; emulsion polymers including EcoVAE®, TruModa® and Vinamul®; engineered materials such as Hostaform®/Celcon® POM, GUR® UHMW-PE and Celstran® LFRT; EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) polymer products including Ateva® and VitalDose®; food ingredients including Sunett® and the Qorus® sweetener system; and intermediate chemistry products and technologies such as AOPlus®, VAntagePlus® and TCX® Technology.