Axalta Coating Systems has introduced the latest generation Nap-Gard®, which can withstand continuous operating temperatures of 311 °F. Nap-Gard High Tg 7-2555 is a thermosetting epoxy powder designed for use as a corrosion barrier coating for underground and sub-sea pipelines that operate in high temperature service.  It can be used as a corrosion coating in a stand-alone or dual-powder coating system or as a corrosion coating under multi-layer insulation systems. When used in conjunction with Axalta’s most recent dual layer system Nap-Gard 7-2675, the operating system increases to 356 °F. The second layer ensures reduced water permeability and improved chemical resistance. 

Nap-Gard 7-2555 is currently approved by operating companies in Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. It is presently being applied on a 50km project in Mexico.