MIL-PRF-22750G Type III, Grade A Seafoam Green High Solids Epoxy by Sherwin-Williams meets the military specification for direct-to-metal (DTM) applications. The new product is one of the first DTM high-solids epoxies to earn approval from the Army Research Lab in Aberdeen, MD.

The two-component coating can be used in applications that specify either Grade A or Grade B finishes, including Army or Navy equipment requiring weather resistance or for interior surfaces. It offers superior corrosion resistance and satisfies the Army Research Lab’s requirements of performance to a minimum 1,000 hours of salt spray and 40 cycles of cyclic corrosion.

The epoxy is designed for one-coat application directly over zinc phosphate steel or treated aluminum, eliminating the need for a primer coat. A primer may be applied under the topcoat if desired. The epoxy provides excellent flow characteristics, is free of lead hazards, and offers a good combination of potlife and dry time.