Hexion welcomes visitors to Booth 2348 to visit with the Versatics business team and learn about the latest developments in Versatic™ acid derivatives for industrial and architectural applications. Highlights at the ACS include:

  • VeoVa™ vinyl ester monomers;
  • Systems for elastomeric roof coatings with enhanced water resistance;
  • CarduraTM E10P glycidyl ester, the way forward for high solids and waterborne industrial topcoats
  • Latest results on outdoor durability of wood stains;
  • Low-viscosity, high-solids acrylic polyols compatible with low-cost, low-odor solvents.

Hexion will participate in two product presentations at the ACS:

  • “Easily Produced Waterborne Acrylic Polyol Dispersions with Cardura Glycidyl Ester,” Tuesday, April 12, 3:20 -3:35 pm, Booth 159;
  • “Elastomeric Roof Coatings Based on VeoVa Vinyl Ester Monomer,” Thursday, April 14, 11:40-11:55 am, Booth 159.

The Versatics paper presentation at the conference session, “Modification of Acrylic Emulsion Polymers with Vinyl Neo-Esters; Enhancing Performance and Providing a Route to Cost-Efficient Alternatives,” will be presented Tuesday, April 12th, 10:00-10:30, session 5 -Architectural Coatings I.