TORONTO – Siltech Corp. announced a major expansion of its Mississauga, Ontario, plant and warehouse. The expansion is being completed in two phases.

Phase One includes a state-of-the-art, 1500-square-meter warehouse that features the latest fire-suppression and safety features. This warehouse space was commissioned in June 2016. 

Phase Two is an expansion of the existing manufacturing plant, which will house an additional five 20,000-liter stainless steel and glass-lined reactors bringing the total annual capacity to over 25,000 tons. This expansion is scheduled for completion by November of 2016.

Dag Enhorning, President of Siltech, said, “With strong growth in North America, Europe and Asia, this expansion is necessary to meet our customers’ continued demand for our products.”

Siltech is a specialty silicone manufacturer based in Toronto.  The company has two manufacturing plants in the greater Toronto area. Siltech develops and manufactures specialty silicones for many diverse applications and markets such as personal care, polyurethane foam, inks and coatings, plastics, oil and gas, electronics, and others.