Valentus Specialty Chemicals Inc. announced the commercial launch of its Advanced Protective Coatings System, a protective topcoat and high-performance epoxy primer technology. Valentus has developed a next-generation protective topcoat, VSC 1200 Topcoat, in collaboration with Eastman Chemical Co. The topcoat is based on Eastman's Tetrashield™ protective resin technology. Bob Taylor, Valentus Operating Partner and Board Member said the new 2K topcoat, when used in combination with the Valentus high-performance epoxy primer, VSC 1100 Primer, is the next-generation solution delivering long-term performance and a wide window of application latitude for painting contractors and maintenance crews, lowering cost of ownership for asset owners. 

Gary Whittaker, Materials Engineering Fellow responsible for Eastman's maintenance coatings standards and specifications, commented, "Based on the extensive accelerated testing and field trial results, we are very confident in the performance of the new Valentus coating system. Our painters found it easy to apply, and in field and lab testing it outperformed all other two-coat systems. We are in the process of adopting Valentus coatings throughout Eastman."

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