GAINESVILLE, TX - IFS Coatings announced the launch of the IFS Advance program, a collection of five different advanced IFS products and services designed to advance and improve the powder coating process.

IFS Advance is made up of IFS Appraise, which employs IFS technical expertise in assessing a customer’s powder coating process and making recommendations; IFS Enhance, IFS powder products that utilize special technology to improve the electrostatic charge distribution over a range of particle sizes traditionally found in a powder coating; and IFS Fast Cure, the IFS powder products that cure at lower temperatures to improve line speed or dwell time and can significantly impact efficiency and line productivity. The final two components of IFS Advance are IFS Match, the quick and exacting IFS color matching service, and IFS Co-cure, which uses clever formulation technology so that two coats of high-quality IFS powder can be applied with only one cure cycle.

Glynn Mason, IFS President, explained, “Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service and product to the industry, and the IFS Advance program does just that. It pulls together some of our world-class products and services, which can be utilized individually or together, and with the help of our experienced and professional team, produces improved value for our coaters. We have delivered the IFS Advance program to several of our customers and they have enjoyed a range of benefits including increased throughput, reduced powder consumption and improved line performance.”

The IFS Advance program is available now through IFS representatives, and more details can be found online in the products section of the IFS website.