CLEVELAND – Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood Coatings has introduced its Assured Applicator Certification™ program for factory finishers of wood and composite siding. This certification is the first of its kind in this industry, and it is intended to promote quality-driven factory finishers that enable manufacturers of wood and composite siding to deliver long-lasting, high-quality building products that consumers expect.

“Our mission is to recognize the factory finishers that strive to deliver the highest quality to their customers,” said Doug Krusenklaus, Industry Director North America, Wood & Composite Building Products, Sherwin-Williams. “For a factory finisher, having the Assured Applicator Certification sends a very strong signal to their entire value chain, from OEMs to builders to lumber wholesalers, that they are working with a best-in-class partner with quality assurance practices backed by a culture of excellence.”

Edmund Allen Lumber, located in Momence, Illinois, recently received Assured Applicator Certification after undergoing a stringent set of audits, ensuring that quality assurance programs and process controls are in place to ensure sustainable quality.

“We are proud to be recognized by Sherwin-Williams as a best-in-class partner to our valued customers,” said Mark Carter, President, Edmund Allen Lumber. “Having defined quality practices ensures that we are providing builders, lumber wholesalers, and dealers with high-quality, durable products that will perform for consumers for years to come.”

Edmund Allen Lumber worked with Sherwin-Williams Industrial Wood Coatings technicians to demonstrate that they follow the highest quality assurance practices on their finishing lines. To achieve the certification, a factory finisher must undergo a detailed audit of its finishing line, coating system and standard operating procedures. They will be required to undergo an annual recertification audit to maintain their Assured Applicator Certified status.

“Passing a Sherwin-Williams quality audit is a true reflection of the culture of exceptional quality that drives everything we do,” said Carter. “We are proud of this achievement, as it means that our customers can be confident in our commitment to delivering excellence.”

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