KROHNE Inc. has released “KROHNE Tutorials,” a new dedicated YouTube channel for videos on industrial process measurement devices. It contains user-oriented Installation-Commissioning-Verification (ICV) videos, starting with H250 M40 and OPTISWIRL flowmeters, and can be found at

KROHNE has developed ICV videos to illustrate the first steps a user performs after receiving a new device. Depending on the device type and its characteristic features, each video covers the typical procedures of unboxing, mechanical installation, electrical installation, commissioning and verification.

The introductory unboxing section provides an overview of all the components and documents included with the meter as standard. The mechanical installation section shows the correct installation of the particular meter, considering alignment, inlet and outlet sections, connection options, pipe insulation, positioning of a control valve, etc. The electrical installation section indicates the correct wiring of, for example, power supply or limit switches. The commissioning section demonstrates the first settings of the device, such as how to change the language, change the user access level or the configuration of the current output. The verification section explains things such as device verification with OPTICHECK or how to check if the device works as expected.

The first ICV videos explore the H250 M40 variable area flowmeter and OPTISWIRL 4200 vortex flowmeter and are available on the KROHNE Tutorials YouTube channel in eight languages: English, Chinese, Czech, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.