At Stand 7-414, AdvanSix delivers advantaged chemistries tailored to meet customer needs. The company produces a wide range of chemical intermediates, backed by services, support and a strong commitment to research and development. The focus on performance quality combined with a robust global distribution network has earned the company a reputation for reliable delivery and enabled AdvanSix to become a trusted partner to customers for decades.

Among the products for the paints and coatings industry are EZ-Blox®, an anti-skinning agent for air-dry coatings and a blocking agent in urethane coatings that provides a safe, cost-effective alternative to MEKO, and monomers used in the production of coatings resins.

Key benefits of EZ-Blox include:

· Safe to use: Low worker exposure, favorable toxicology profile, no cancer-causing potential in the liver, all confirmed by REACH-required studies;

· Cost-effective: Easy switchover because it is a drop-in solution with no costly reformulation or research, and a dosage flexibility similar to MEKO, resulting in lower operational cost;

· Proven performance: Customer-approved and market-validated, underscoring consistent high quality and compatibility.

EX-Blox is being used widely across Europe, confirming it is a proven solution to address any concerns about the recategorization and potential restriction of MEKO use.

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