WASHINGTON — For the first time, ACA is offering two of its longstanding industry studies in tandem to provide a fuller view of the domestic and international markets; and the future direction of the industry, technology, and the competitive landscape. The new studies’ chapter formats are synced and similarly scoped for ease of comparing U.S. and global market performance.

ACA’s U.S. Market Analysis for the Paint and Coatings Industry (2018-2023) is a resource that companies can use for long-term strategic business planning and short-term critical business decisions. Prepared by the ChemQuest Group, the updated study includes authoritative figures for value and volume of each coatings segment, and projects growth rates and forecasts for the industry through 2024.

The market analysis reflects a high degree of primary research conducted by the ChemQuest team, along with extensive input from a large number of key industry leaders and will correct earlier Census-based errors in a variety of market sectors.

The Global Market Analysis for the Paint & Coatings Industry (2018-2023) provides a comprehensive view of the global paint and coatings industry, addressing topics of relevance to coatings manufacturers, end users, raw materials suppliers and others interested in the industry.

This report covers three primary categories of coatings: Decorative, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Special Purpose, as well as the many sub-segments within those categories. Chapters focus on sector analysis, market trends and drivers, and competitive landscape.

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