AMSTERDAM — AkzoNobel has created a new dedicated microsite and resource center for customers and specifiers of Functional powder coatings to guide them through the selection process and learn how a Resicoat solution can support transformational change in scenarios where protection defines success. 

Customers can discover how new and emerging technologies including single-layer, dual-layer and multi-layer powder coatings can be used for projects where failure cannot happen. They can learn how different Resicoat products can address very specific needs, such as on the inside and outside of pipelines to protect the integrity of drinking water, or to insulate electrical systems on the latest generation of electrical vehicles (EVs). 

Visitors to the site can also discover how combinations of coatings can be used to provide the highest levels of corrosion protection, reduce ongoing maintenance costs, and ensure the safe and efficient performance during the Engineered Design Life (EDL) of each project.  

Functional powder coatings can be used to protect against extremes of hot and cold and an excess of pressure. They protect oil, gas and petrochemical pipelines from chemicals and corrosion, and provide a smooth and sealed surface to the valves and fittings that regulate the flow of water in our modern distribution networks. They insulate rotors and stators to keep vehicles and electronics running safely, and deliver insulation to the busbars an electric vehicle relies upon. Whether insulating small components such as capacitors and magnetic cores or providing corrosion resistance to massive structures using reinforced steel, Resicoat powder coatings perform in the most challenging conditions. 

“The microsite highlights our proven track record over the last 50 years and the experience of our expert technical teams who monitor and anticipate changing needs and regulations to provide the support and advice when you need it. For critical projects, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, when your reputation matters you can trust in the reliability and performance of Functional powder coatings from AkzoNobel,” said a spokesperson for the company.

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