the latest product offerings

Air Products and Chemicals
Carbowet® DC01 surfactant is a blend of nonionic surfactants, and can be characterized as a multi-functional, low-foaming, solvent-free and APE (alkyl phenol ethoxylate)-free additive for pigment and substrate wetting. The product was designed to provide rapid substrate and pigment wetting, as well as better compatibility with associative thickeners and wide compounding latitude. Customers may be able to realize a potential cost savings due to reduced levels of associated thickener. Benchmarking tests also showed increased scrub resistance.

Adhesion Promoters
Chartwell International, Inc.
Company offers an expanded range of low-cost, high-performance adhesion promoters for all waterborne and 2K epoxy and 2K urethane coatings. These eight new amino-functional proprietary metal organics products are easy post-adds to all waterborne systems at 0.5% - 2.0% on polymer solids. Three of the products are zero-VOC additives. The products offer improved wet adhesion and corrosion resistance. Call 508/695.1690.

Special-Effect Pigments
Engelhard Corp.
Lumina® Russet and Copper special-effect pigments offer increased chromaticity, advanced color purity, and more brilliance and hiding capability. These pigments produce copper and rouge tones through a tight mica particle-size distribution and a multilayer coating technology. Non-reactive and non-tarnishing under most conditions, the pigments are compatible with both solvent- and water-based liquid coatings, as well as powder coatings. Visit

Aluminum Pigments
ECKART America
STANDART® PCS aluminum pigment is specifically designed for high-performance application in powder coatings. PCS is encapsulated with a stabilized surface coating that provides excellent chemical resistance. It is available in five different particle size grades that enable a range of optical effects, from crystalline sparkling to silky gloss. Performance features include good rub resistance, good pigment wetting, non-leafing properties, good shear stability, good electrical strength and high color strength. Call 877/754.0001.