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Ashland Specialty Chemical Company

Booth #409

Drew Industrial’s Specialty Additives business is a technology leader in foam control solutions. Visit our booth where we’re featuring new technology for low VOC paints, high gloss systems, industrial coatings and graphic arts. New nonsilicone and silicone DREWPLUS® foam control agents are featured including unique dissolution technology. New, self initiating resin technology for graphic arts is also being introduced.


Booth #242

Carbodilite™ is a multifunctional polycarbodiimide crosslinking agent manufactured by Nisshinbo Industries, Inc. It reacts with carboxyl and amino groups, and is designed to crosslink dispersions and emulsions at ambient or elevated temperatures. This non-toxic, non-skin irritant crosslinker provides improved chemical/water resistance and adhesion with excellent pot life. Carbodilite™ has found use as a crosslinker for coatings, inks, fabrics and adhesives. Contact the US distributor GSI EXIM America at 212-684-5760 or e-mail to

Lamberti USA Inc.

Booth #538

Lamberti USA, Inc. exhibits specialty products from their Coatings Divisions. Lamberti USA, Inc., subsidiary of Lamberti SpA, Italy, promotes the Esacol line of Guar Derivatives offering the Paint and Building application formulator a lower cost replacement to cellulose ethers. From the Photocure Business Unit, check out Lamberti's complete line of Esacure Photoinitiators.

Revelli Chemicals

Booth #1109

Revelli Chemicals will feature three new, improved titanium dioxide grades, RGU, RG-18 and RGZW. These new products were designed specifically for coatings applications. Revelli Chemicals offers a full line of organic, inorganic and anti-corrosive pigments and also hydrocarbon resins.

CIMBAR Performance Minerals

Booth #629

Cimbar’s functional fillers are the products of choice for a wide variety of coating applications. The company’s wide range of Cimbar white barium sulfate and Barimite tan-colored barium sulfate is specified for powder coatings, industrial and marine coatings, and automotive primers to name a few. Barifine and Bariace nano-sized barium sulfate spaces pigments so effectively it often allows for significant decrease in pigment loading. Cimbar BF, precipitated barium sulfate, offers sub-micron sizing along with high purity.


Booth #812

Measure color… Measure Quality. HunterLab provides bench-top, hand-held, and on-line color measurement systems for color quality control, color formulation, and process control. Quantify color as it appears to the human eye. Visit Booth 812, Tel: 703.471.6870, Fax: 703.471.4237

Norstone, Inc.

Booth #1133

Norstone, Inc. will be showing their full line accessories for coating and ink plants. These accessories include steel and polymer impellers, grinding media, abrasion resistant parts, non-metal parts, replacement screens, and drum/pail liners. Sign up to receive your ceramic coaster. Contact us at sales@nor, 215-635-1366.

Shamrock Technologies Inc.

Booth #612

Shamrock Technologies, Inc. is featuring its full line of PTFE products designed for Powder Coating, UV, and Water Based applications. Specialties include: non-settling PTFE Micro dispersions, fibrous PTFE's, and sub-micron PTFE's. Shamrock's Technical staff will be available to also discuss its UV matting agents, new texturing additives, and specialty wax alloys.

Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing

Booth #1130

GROUND VERIFICATION SYSTEM The Bond-Rite ground verification system continuously tests the static ground connection to drums, containers, road tankers, railcars and barges that contain hazardous materials. A flashing green light confirms proper continuity when the ground connection is made. System electronics are self-contained in a Nema 4X corrosion-resistant, stainless steel enclosure, in either a ground-clamp model or in a remote wall-mounted model. Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing, Atlanta, GA; (770)993-9600


Booth #414

The original DRAISWERKE, INC. is proud to introduce the latest in

ultimate grinding machines from the DCP family. The MegaFlow and MegaVantis Perl Mills dominate the coatings dispersion industry for unbeatable performance and quality. The V-3 MegaVantis Lab Perl Mill is a must have for any development lab. Dependable and scalable results guaranteed. Speak to experienced engineering sales personnel for process assistance on any of our dispersion equipment. Discounts on lab equipment available on show site.

Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc.

Booth #543

Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of metal and rotationally molded intermediate bulk containers ("IBCs") for both liquid and dry applications. We have more than 50 years of experience as North America’s premier manufacturer and service provider of IBCs, spare parts, and accessories. We operate an ISO certified plant and are the only IBC manufacturer who has formally committed to the principles of Responsible Care®, becoming a partner member in 1999.

Union Process, Inc.

Booth #1621

Union Process, inventors of Attritor technology, offers the circulation QC-Mill™ super fine grinding. The patented (5,791,569) small media mill operates with unique centrifugal high circulation mode and provides efficient grinding with sharp particle size distribution. It is available in six different models for batches ranging from 1 gallon to 400 gallons.

Alex Color

Booth #347

The Alex Color Company manufactures low-cost, high quality aqueous dispersions for use in water-based inks and coatings. Since 1977, Alex Color has worked hard to become not the biggest dispersions manufacturer, only the best. Our mission is to help our customers by offering the best value in aqueous dispersions. Alex Color offers quality products, prompt personalized service and outstanding value.


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Booth #302

Brookfield will be featuring the CAP+ Series Viscometers for simulating rolling, brushing and spraying; the new DV-II+ PRO Laboratory Viscometer, now with direct digital control and our In-Line Model AST100 with easy clean ability and no moving parts, designed for Inks and Coatings. We will also highlight our new line of Texture Analyzers. Be sure and stop by Booth #302 and meet with our Technical Staff.

Reichhold, Inc.

Technical Papers

Reichhold will not have an exhibit booth at this year's show; however, we are an ICE sponsor and will have representatives on hand to meet with customers. Additionally, Jeffrey Danneman, coatings research associate, will speak on "Alkyds and Polyesters" during the technology conference course, Basic Polymer and Crosslinking Chemistry for the Coatings Chemist while Timothy Takas, research associate for 2K systems, will present a paper entitled "100% Solids Aliphatic Polyurea Coatings for DTM applications" during the Coatings Formulation session on Thursday, November 13th.

The booth is back - Chicago 2004!

VanDeMark Inc.

Booth #417

VanDeMark, a subsidiary of ISOCHEM, Groupe SNPE, will be featuring its PTSI, a sulfonyl isocyanate additive. PTSI is a highly reactive moisture scavenger used to produce urethane-based coatings. PTSI works well when used in the manufacture of moisture-curing and two-component pigmented systems, as well as sealant and adhesive formulation.

NeoResins Inc.

Booth #138

NeoResins will focus on specialized emulsions with excellent adhesion properties. These emulsions can be used in various coatings markets such as high gloss decorative coatings, opaque deck stains on wood and composite wood, window and door trims, and as topcoats over aged or chalky substrates.


Booth #1122

In Booth #1122, NETZSCH Grinding will feature a full range of products engineered to produce the finest size reduction results possible. The NETZSCH De-Aerator, newly designed ZETA™ Mill and all new C-Mix™ will all be on display. A large multimedia area will demonstrate the operation and engineering principles of these and other proven NETZSCH equipment designed for the most challenging paint and coatings applications.

King Industries

Booth #202

King, the “Leader of the Pack in Additive Innovation”, will feature technical and application information on its eight, core product lines including; Nacure® acid & blocked acid catalysts, K-Kat® urethane catalysts, Nacure® super epoxy catalysts, K-Flex® resin modifiers, Nacorr® rust inhibitors, K-Sperse® dispersants, K-Stay® rheology modifiers and Disparlon® thixotropes & surface control additives. New phosphate - weak acid catalysts, catalysts for epoxies and XC-D201 an epoxy blocked catalyst will be introduced.


Booth #802

WACKER SILICONES is showcasing its WACKER SREP® Silicone Resin Emulsion Paint, WACKER BS® coatings and sealers and WACKER HELICONE® HC Liquid Crystal Pigment product brands. Selected reference objects will be on display demonstrating our broad range of innovative products for construction and decorative coatings and for creating optically variable special color effects. To learn about the many solutions that can assist you, visit us at booth #802.

Myers Engineering, Inc.

Booth #1036

Myers Engineering will be exhibiting a PLC controlled dual shaft Basket Mill with enhanced features that promote maximum reliability and trouble free performance. Each basket mill includes a unique submerged heat exchanger which maintains the batch at the optimum temperature. Down time is minimized by the Myers design which does not include submerged foot bearings.

R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc.

Booth #829

Our booth introduces new grades of VANSIL® Wollastonite for high performance industrial coatings, including VANCOTE® treated wollastonite and our expanded VANTALC® talc offerings. Our technical staff will be available to discuss our product line, including current performance comparisons of our HAPS free VANCOR® corrosion inhibitors and our low KU grades of NYTAL® talc - NYTAL 3300 and NYTAL 7700, ACTIV-8®, VANCIDE®, and PYRAX®.

Paar Physica USA

Booth #209

Anton Paar and Physica design and build instruments for materials characterization. Our Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) is perfect for characterizing paints, inks, and coatings, while our Automated Microviscometer (AMVn) is ideal for characterizing ink jet inks. Also featured will be our range of density meters and refractometers, along with our bench-top digital viscometer.

Soluol Inc.

Booth #1032

This years' exhibit will feature Soluol's newest developments in their line of waterborne and solventborne polyurethane resins. Their latest NMP free grades will be of particular interest as Soluol continues to grow this family of cosolvent free resins. Their wide range of aliphatic, aromatic, moisture curing, self-crosslinking and 100% solids in both single component and 2K systems will be on display. Specific products targeting industrial and architectural coatings as well as adhesive applications will be highlighted.

Degussa Corp.

Booth #621

Several of Degussa’s business units will be on hand to exhibit high-performance products for the paint and coatings industry, including: Advanced Fillers & Pigments, showcasing the ACEMATT® line of matting agents; Aerosil & Silanes, highlighting its AEROSIL® fumed silica line; and Catalysts & Initiators, exhibiting its organic peroxide and persulfate initiators. In addition, the company’s joint venture, Degussa Engineered Carbons, LP, will promote its line of specialty carbon blacks.



Booth #245

Jyoti presents Zirconox Micro-Macro Milling Media which lasts around 160 times longer than glass, 8 to 9 times than ZTA, 6 to 8 times than zirconium silicate and 15 times than MGO stabilized zirconia micro beads. To know more about these wonder beads, please visit booth No. 245

Air Products

Booth #422

Air Products will feature water-based epoxy resins and curing agents, high solids epoxy curing agents for compliant coatings; Surfynol®, Dynol™ and EnviroGem® Gemini-based multi-functional additives for water-based coatings; new surfactant chemistry; and Airflex® emulsions for low VOC architectural paints.

BYK-Gardner USA

Booth #402

BYK-Gardner USA will display quality control instruments for color, gloss, haze, orange-peel, and physical testing properties - including application, dispersion, film thickness, flexibility, and more. Featured instruments will include the new byko-charts, the new micro-wave-scan, and the new micro-gloss. We are exhibiting with our parent company, BYK-Chemie USA, a distributor of Chemicals & Additives for the paint industry.

Troy Corp.

Booth #702

Troy presents a full line of preservatives and additives that offer a number of advantages, including maximum efficacy, cost performance, and safe handling. Troy also introduces Troysan® 680, a new, EPA registered in-can preservative for a wide range of applications. Troy products, many of which feature low VOC technology, include broad-spectrum dry film preservatives, in-can preservatives, and performance additives.

Dow Chemical Company

Booth #122

Apply Dow Paints and Coatings Technology For Exceptional Results! Dow offers a broad range of products that can help you deliver outstanding and innovative formulations…from polyurethanes to propionates, solvents to surfactants, hydroxyethyl cellulose to latex emulsions, and many more. And with global availability plus world-class technical support, we know you’ll discover that Dow delivers superior performance when and where you need it.

MM Industries Inc.,


Booth #509

We will display models of our line of gyratory sieves, separators, and strainers. Along with our range of self-cleaning inline filtration systems. All models are available in sizes from lab to pilot and production scale. Our equipment has been widely utilized for many years to solve process solutions from paint and coatings inline and batch filtration to small media mill reclamation.

Reynolds Industries, Inc.

Booth #952

Visit Reynolds Industries, Inc. at booth 952 to see the latest innovations in mixing technology. We will feature a fully operational 2-gallon lab mixer, technical personnel to answer your mixing questions and information on all our products including: Dual Shaft Mixers, Coaxial Mixers, Ribbon Blenders, Press Out Systems, High Speed Dispersers, Low Speed Agitators, Kettles, Reactors, Vessels and Engineered Systems.


Booth #1046

INLINE Services manufactures Process Pigging Systems for product recovery, transfer and batching operations in a wide range of industries including paints, coating and adhesives. Equipment includes the non-intrusive PCom Pig Sensor, Specialized Pig Launchers & Receivers (PLR), Inline Pig Tees, 3D elbows and Efficient wiping SUD and VIPRS Pigs. Inline also provides highly qualified technical support in the design and operation of their process pigging systems.

3M Performance Materials

Booth #1022

Look for this ad on new 3M™ Novec™ Fluorosurfactants in the October 2003 issue of PCI. And be sure to visit the 3M Booth, #1022, during ICE 2003. coatings

Lyondell Chemical Company

Booth #123

Lyondell Chemical Company’s family of ACRYFLOW™ acrylic polyols is designed to work together in blends to maximize formulation latitude while minimizing resin inventories. This new approach, called Resin Management Concept™ (RMC), offers a complete “formulation tool kit.” Our Ethacryl™ P aqueous pigment dispersants facilitate efficient pigment milling to submicron size. This improves color development and gloss, while providing pigment dispersions with low viscosity and high pigment solids. Other featured products include E- and P-Series glycol ethers and acetates, styrene allyl alcohol (SAA) polyols, tertiary butyl acetate (TBAc™), Polymeg® polyols, MPDiol® glycol and more.

Hoover Precision Products Inc.

Booth #110

Grind with the experts! Let Hoover help you determine the appropriate Media for your applications. Hoover Precision Products is a manufacture of Precision, Semi-Precision and Grinding Media Balls. Sizes range from .3mm to over 7 inches in diameter. Hoover Precision Products, can manufacture virtually any material, size or grade required.

KW Plastics

Booth #238

KW Plastics, an international leader in polypropylene/polyethylene recycling will introduce its new, all plastic container featuring the patented KW Can Snap Lock Closure System. The new container features several breakthrough innovations that will improve your bottom line. The original KW CAN and the KW Can Snap Lock Closure System are designed specifically for the paint and coatings industry. KW Plastics is the nation’s largest supplier of plastic gallon, quart, pint and half pint containers to the industry.


Booth #440

During this years ICE Show BUHLER INC will focus on laboratory and small-scale production equipment. The K-8 laboratory conical bead mill and a precise paste-dosing system will be on display. After the recent acquisition of the DRAIS DM company BUHLER INC will also show the DRAIS DCP SuperFlow® SF12, the laboratory size high-performance perl mill®. These small production machines are the ideal choice for testing new product formulas and producing smaller batch sizes under reliable conditions with perfect quality.

Silberline Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Booth #922

Silberline features metalic, polychromatic aluminum vacuum metalized flake and holographic special effect pigments. We have more than 400 aluminum leafing and non-leafing grades available in pastes, pellets, and de-dusted flakes for a variety of applications, whether you need traditional metallics or dazzling special effects. Silberline can meet your coating needs.

Arch Chemicals

Booth #834

Arch Chemicals features Biocides for fungal and algal protection of Architectural Paints, Marine Coatings and numerous Building/Construction Products. Omadine® Biocides are a leading interior paint fungicide and the leading alternative for tributyl tin in Marine paints. Arch's new low-VOC IPBC fungicide will be introduced.


Booth #218

Archer RC™ is the first and only reactive coalescent for latex paints that is non-hazardous and does not contribute to VOC emissions. Unlike traditional solvent-based coalescing agents, which volatize into the atmosphere upon drying, Archer RC™ remains in the paint, forming a strong and durable film.

Micro Powders, Inc

Booth #430

Micro Powders will exhibit its complete line of specialty wax additives for surface protection and appearance in the paint, coatings and printing ink markets. Product technologies will include a full range of micronized polymeric waxes, zero VOC aqueous wax dispersions, polypropylene and nylon texture agents and emulsion waxes for water beading. New products for aqueous and UV/EB wood coatings will also be available.


Booth #511

ISP introduces a new generation of IPBC protection for paints and decorative coatings with its FUNGITROL® 700 and 800 Series. Two new products from these series are: FUNGITROL® 720, a recently patented fungicide that combines broad-spectrum IPBC fungicidal capability with a unique, non-toxic carrier that does not contribute to paint odor or VOC; and the most thermal and UV stable IPBC formulation available for use in coatings- FUNGITROL® 820 - which also features ISP's patented no-VOC, low-odor carrier.

Aqualon Division

Hercules Incorporated

Booth #338

Aqualon is highlighting its broad product line of water-soluble polymers, including Aquaflow® synthetic rheology modifiers and Natrosol® cellulose ethers. Natrosol Plus associative hydroxyethylcellulose remains the industry standard for excellent spatter resistance and creamy rheology. Stop by to see how Aqualon can provide architectural coatings manufacturers "Complete Rheology Solutions" or visit our website at

Elcometer Inc

Booth #547

Elcometer Inc. will be displaying their entire line of coating, concrete, and physical test inspection instruments for both field and laboratory use. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a complete range of instrumentation providing a full range of products and services to meet your requirements. Elcometer is fully accredited to both the ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 standards.


Division of MFIC Corporation

Booth #1002

EASY TO CONTROL V-SERIES DISSOLVERS: Controlling the speed of a V-Series dissolver is as easy as turning a radio-tuning knob. The V-Series inverter design uses less energy and requires less maintenance than standard, mechanical drive mixers. Connects to PC for automatic speed control and production data collection. FREE testing available. Call 1-800-370-5452 or

Poly-Resyn, Inc.

Booth #830

H.A.P.'s (Hazardous Air Pollutant) Free Suspeno 201-NBA using our New Generation, Original Moisture Free Technology will be featured this year. Suspeno 201-NBA is an Anti-Sag, Anti-Settling rheological additive for use in solvent formulas requiring

H.A.P.'s Compliance. For Improved Brushability and Settling Control in Trade Sale Formulas we will exhibit Suspeno 201-MS, also using our New Generation, Original Moisture Free Technology. In addition our Original Pourable Moisture Free Suspeno 201-X and H.A.P.'s Free thixotropes such as our Polytrol and Polythix product line will be shown for a complete rheological package.

Burgess Pigment Co.

Booth #730

Burgess Thermo-Optic calcined kaolin products provide excellent wet and dry hide or opacity, strong flattening or matting effect, as well as improves touch-up and other film properties in interior and exterior flats and semi-gloss coatings. Burgess' specialty hydrous clay products offer improved incorporation and performance advantages in trade and industrial primers and topcoats.

Alberdingk Boley, Inc.

Booth #847

'thingk' what Alberdingk can bring to the future of your coatings systems using Alberdingk: Acrylics, Styrene Acrylics & Urethane Acrylic Co-polymers; Self Cross-linking Acrylics, Styrene Acrylics and Urethane Acrylic Co-polymers; Polyurethane Dispersions based on Castor Oil, Polycarbonate, Polyester and Polyether Diols; Waterborne UV Curable Acrylics, Urethane Acrylics and Polyurethanes. For more information call 1-866-220-4750.

Goldschmidt Industrial Chemical Corp.

Booth #948

Goldschmidt Industrial Chemical Corporation is a supplier of metal and acid based catalysts for the coatings and polymer industries. Sold under the Tegokat® trade name, our product line includes both standard catalysts (stannous octoate, methane sulfonic acid, stannous oxalate, dibutyl tin oxide, and dibutyl tin dilaurate) as well as specialty catalysts tailored for selectivity, cure profile, hydrolytic stability, and waterborne applications. Global supply capabilities are supported by manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., Europe, and Mexico.

Premier Mill, An SPX Process Equipment Operation

Booth #722

A leader in milling, mixing and dispersion equipment - The QM-1 high-flow recirculation lab mill with complete recirculation system and Model 2000 Dispersator with rotor/stator, various head designs available. Premier Mill

exhibits new technologies to meet industry demand for consistency, uniform particle size, low cost production and continuous operation.