Aftermarket Pump Parts Deliver Stock Quality at Lower Prices

Until recently, OEMs in the diaphragm pump industry held a monopoly on replacement parts for their equipment. When diaphragms and other parts needed replacement, both large and small firms had to pay full OEM prices because there was no competition and no alternative. “You need a part, you get it from us” was the attitude these companies took. They implied “or else” with warnings of inferior quality and voided warranties if end users dared install non-OEM spares.

But now, aftermarket manufacturers are delivering OEM-level quality at a much lower price, benefiting both end users and distributors. In fact, aftermarket pump replacement parts are rapidly gaining favor over traditional OEM brands, even though users might not want to admit it. But as they prove themselves and sell for up to 30% less than stock prices, more potential users will see their value. Companies running multiple diaphragm pumps are finding that they are saving potentially thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs while experiencing less downtime as spares are shipped quickly.

ReBound Products Inc. leads these “upstart” aftermarket suppliers. Based in Spring, TX, the company’s product line includes diaphragms, check balls, seals and o-ring seals for most popular Wilden, Versa-matic, Warren-Rupp, and ARO air-operated double-diaphragm pumps. Designed as a high-quality, low-cost alternative to OEM spares, the parts are made to be interchangeable — no retrofitting is necessary to install them.

“ReBound parts will immediately reduce a company’s maintenance costs for replacement parts on their pumps,” said Andrew Lankford, president of ReBound. “Our parts cost less, but are comparable or better than those supplied by the pump OEMs.”

But don’t take his word for it. Gary Phillips, president of an industrial coatings manufacturer in Houston, TX, said his company began using ReBound diaphragms on their pumps several months ago and saw immediate savings.

“We make industrial coatings — paint for oilfield equipment, agricultural coatings for seeds, pipe joint compounds and other coatings,” Phillips said.

“We use the Warren-Rupp Sandpiper, Wilden air-driven diaphragm pumps, and some Viking pumps. Our facility has two 2” pumps, about eight 1” pumps, and a couple 1/2” pumps, which are used to move resins, solvent, and paint. The chemicals we use are aggressive, so the diaphragms don’t last very long ... we hope that they will last us at least six months.”

Phillips said his company had been buying pump diaphragms from the OEMs at list prices, and had no knowledge of the pump parts aftermarket. He met Lankford at a national trade show. He examined the diaphragms and saw that they were identical to the factory items, so he ordered some on the spot.

“Andrew told us he had the same stuff at a better price, and he did,” Phillips said. “The ReBound diaphragms that we need sell for about $150 each, and I think the normal OEM price is about $208, so we save about $58 on each one. Over the course of a year that could add up to several hundred dollars.”

Phillips says that the ReBound parts have performed well, and that he’s glad to jump off the OEM bandwagon.

“They work just fine. We’re happy with the quality and haven’t had any problems. As a matter of fact, I have recommended them to several other paint companies here in town.”

For more information about remanufactured parts, contact ReBound Products Inc., PO Box 741, Spring, TX 77383; phone 888/660.7759; fax 281/820.1647.