The industry's latest offerings

Adhesion Promoters
Chartwell International, Inc.

This company introduces its 515.71 family of low-cost, high-performance adhesion promoters. These products are aminofunctional agents that are useful in both waterborne and solventborne systems. Applications are found in waterborne acrylics, polyurethane dispersions, 2K epoxy, 2K polyurethane and 1K epoxy. Substantial improvements in "wet adhesion" in aggressive environments is seen on all metals, many plastics, elastomers, wood and concrete. Call 508/695.1690.

Monomer Technology
The Lubrizol Corp.

A granular form of AMPS® (2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid) monomer is available, replacing the powder version of the product. The granular form reduces dust emissions in the air, resulting in better worker safety and less plant maintenance. The product provides little or no agglomeration, eliminating clumping and making it easy for customers to transfer. Call 440/347/1838.

Protective Pigments
Huber Engineered Materials

HUBERGUARD™ protective pigments provide the flexible, color-neutral solutions needed to formulate coatings with superior corrosion protection at higher solids and lower VOCs. Call 866/564.8237.

Specialty Additive
ANGUS Chemical Co.

FLEXITANE™ CA 6000 specialty additive provides improved performance in coatings applications. The product offers improved pigment dispersion and superior substrate wetting for high-performance applications. It has an outstanding ability to displace monomolecular moisture from mineral-based and metallic pigment particle surfaces to provide improved pigment wetting. Call 800/447.4369.

Deaerator Additives
Tego Coating & Ink Additives

This company has introduced three new products designed for deaerating and degassing solventborne wood coatings formulations. Formulations containing TEGO® Airex 936, 938 and 962 can be applied by brush and/or airless spray. Test results are available demonstrating the balance that can be achieved between degassing/defoaming and compatibility in acrylic and a variety of polyurethane hybrid formulations, with nitrocellulose modification. Call 800/446.1809.