EPPSTEIN, Germany - In December 2008, the EU toys guideline was passed again and the regulations for the use of preservatives were tightened. The consequence of this is that benzisothiazolinone (BIT) may no longer be used in paint and varnishes for children's toys that have to comply with the Standard DIN EN 71-9.  
With this in mind, Arichemie has developed a BIT-free aqueous range of pastes, Vocaflex EN. Use in children's toys is subject to special controls; for this reason, an official institute was assigned to inspect the components. Vocaflex was tested for compliance with the provisions of EN 71-9 in terms of colorants, preservatives and primary aromatic amines and was found to comply with the standard.
In accordance with EN 71, Vocaflex is suitable for coloring children's paints, finger paints, window colors, silk paints and other aqueous applications in the creative sector. There are currently approximately 20 color indices available in red, PI 05/09 2 von 2 yellow, orange, violet, green and blue, as well as in black and white. Another 20 are being developed to cover the range of colors that is particularly large in the creative and hobby sector.
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