LEATHERHEAD, UK - Pira International and RadTech Europe agreed to work together on a new market study named “The Future of Radiation Curing for Packaging.” The study will kick off in early 2011 with a final publication date in the summer of 2011.

Pira International will do the research for the study. Established in 1930, Pira International provides strategic and technical consulting, testing, intelligence and events to help clients gain market insights, identify opportunities, evaluate product performance and manage compliance.

The study will provide quantitative market sizes for each key material, end-use, region and country. Using extensive primary research, the study will forecast to 2016. In addition, the study will contain important chapters on technology innovations and forecasts, key drivers and hot topics such as sustainability.

RadTech Europe, the European Association for the Advancement of Radiation Curing by UV, EB and Laser Beams, embodies the scope and expertise of the radiation curing industry. The association agreed to assist with the marketing and promotion of the market study.

For additional information about the upcoming study, e-mailmail@radtech-europe.com.