Gardner-Gibson, Tampa, FL, has acquired GH International, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

GH International (GHI), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. As a large manufacturer of roof coatings, blacktop sealers, caulks and sealants, wallcovering adhesives, and specialty paints, Gardner-Gibson will bring its experience and quality products to the Canadian market.

In acquiring GHI, Gardner-Gibson will expand its ability to offer many products not previously available to GHI’s customers and the Canadian market. Additionally, GHI has several unique products that are a natural fit for distribution in the United States. This combination will ultimately benefit all customers of Gardner-Gibson and GHI.

Gardner-Gibson currently operates 12 manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located throughout the United States.

GHI currently operates a manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada. Products include roof coatings, blacktop sealers, acoustical sealants, wallcovering adhesives and specialty paints.