AM Coatings has developed a unique and worldwide patented technology that provides safe and durable protection against bacteria, algae, molds and fungi.

AM Inside technology has been proven, based on American ASTM E 2149 and Japanese JIS Z 2801 standard test methods. Practically, the technology has been proven as well. Figure 2 shows a tomato that did not deteriorate, decay or mold inside a beaker coated with AM Inside, even after 38 days. The other two beakers (one without a coating and one coated with a silver-based biocide), show clear deterioration.


AM Coatings’ technology is not harmful to humans or animals; it can be applied everywhere and without special precautions. No special labeling or costly and time-consuming registration and admission procedures are required. AM Inside grafted on the polymer is made with common and widely available raw materials, and all are REACH-compliant. It is non-leaching, meaning there is no negative environmental impact and no loss of effectiveness. AM Inside is effective against a wide number of strains of bacteria including MRSA. Because it works mechanically, it is impossible to build up resistance against it. Waterborne paints based on this technology possess enhanced low-odor and non-bleeding properties, and are just as green and sustainable as common, unmodified paints not containing additional antimicrobial components.

AM Coatings is expanding its range of binders modified with the technology, serving other coating applications and non-coatings segments. For more information, and to view an animated video on how this technology works, visit and