MALVERN, UK - With more than 70 English language webinars scheduled for 2012, plus many presented in multiple languages, Malvern Instruments continues its commitment to the company’s firmly established cultural premise that knowledge sharing has great benefits for all concerned. Now in its 11th year, Malvern’s program of online Web seminars includes a wide range of material characterization presentations, appropriate for beginners through to experts from a wide range of industries. Catering to worldwide audiences, live presentations are broadcast across multiple time zones and extend across numerous languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, French and German. 

From the basic principles of image analysis to a master class in application-specific laser diffraction or zeta potential measurement, Malvern Web seminars provide the facts about characterization techniques. From in-line particle sizing for pharmaceutical manufacturing purposes through gel permeation chromatography of polymers to rheology for personal care products, industry specific applications are also discussed in detail. To find out more, visit the Knowledge Centre on Malvern’s Web site at Participation is free of charge and registration is straightforward.