New products from Emerald Performance Materials set the bar for high-performance, environmentally friendly resins and additives. “Environmentally friendly” means a lot of things – zero- or low-VOC products, ingredients that are non-formaldehyde/non-SVHC/non-PBT, high performance and longer lasting – manufacturing with the best practices in operations and HS&E at the forefront. Emerald continues to develop new solutions, which can be seen at Stand 1-246.

  • Plasticizers and Coalescents – K-FLEX® phthalate-free, low-VOC coalescents, non-SVHC, REACH-compliant, biodegradable. Delivering performance for low-VOC architectural coatings, light industrial coatings, OPVs, plastisol coatings, automotive under-body/ chip-guard coatings and adhesives. They provide excellent gloss, scrub, block and freeze-thaw characteristics, and equivalent efficiency to TMPDMIB in coatings. Emerald is introducing two new products at ECS.
  • Lucida Colors™ UV Dispersions – Low-odor, high-pigment solids and color strength, pourable/excellent handling. Full palette plus 4 Transoxide® semi-transparent colors for coatings and stains. Full palette and CMYK for printing applications.
  • Verdis™ Dispersions – Zero-VOC/formaldehyde-free/APE-free dispersions for in-plant tinting of paints and stains. Excellent tinctoral strength and stability – in-package, resistance to bacterial growth, freeze-thaw.
  • Specialty Resins and Reactive Liquid Polymers (RLPs) – EPALLOY™ specialty epoxy resin and ERISYS™ epoxy modifiers. The EPALLOY EPN series provides premium chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. ERISYS GE4D provides increased dilution efficiency and higher filler loadings. New grades of RLPs that include HTPBs and VTBNXs are featured at ECS.
    • Hypro™ 1300X43/1300X44 VTBNX – methacrylate-terminated acrylonitrile/butadiene copolymers deliver outstanding performance and two- to 10-fold improvements in toughness, impact/fatigue resistance, T-peel/lap shear, flexibility and low-temperature properties over unmodified systems. They are for acrylic structural adhesives/sealants/coatings applications and now provide improved viscosity stability and color over prior generations.
    • Hypro™ 1200X90 HTPB – hydroxy-functional butadiene copolymer for production of soft, flexible urethanes, even at low temperatures with enhanced hydrolytic stability. They are ideal in window sealants, encapsulants and adhesives.
  • Defoamers including Foam Blast®, a zero-VOC product, provide gloss retention, outstanding foam control, and long-term foam suppression.