King Industries is featuring multiple new products at Booth 2171. NACURE® XC-320 is a new and novel catalyst designed for automotive OEM coatings, metal decorating, coil coatings and general industrial coatings. It provides rapid cure response in both water- and solvent-based coatings. Formulations baked for 20 min at 120 °C (250 °F) demonstrate fast cure speed in comparison to conventional acid catalysts. The light color of this catalyst allows for use in clear coats and light color pigmented systems.

In addition, a new NACURE catalyst has been developed to accelerate the cure of ambient or baked coatings based on the Dow Paraloid™ Edge technology (carbamate/dialdehyde chemistry).This catalyst provides improved adhesion to metal substrates and high moisture and corrosion resistance performance.

K-KAT® XK-651 is a bismuth catalyst intended as a tin replacement for two-component polyurethane coatings with improved hydrolytic stability and effective catalysis of secondary hydroxyls. It is intended for use in two-component polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. It is also effective for siloxane crosslinking.

K-FLEX® XM-399 is a new water-soluble urethane polyol for VOC-compliant WB melamine bake systems. It provides higher crosslink density, harder films and chemical resistance for waterborne melamine bake systems.

DISPARLON® AQH-810is a next-generation rheology control additive for waterborne systems. This easily incorporated additive prevents pigment settling, hard caking and provides excellent sag control.

DISPARLON 3500is a 100%-active, zero-VOC, post-addable liquid thixotrope recommended for sag control in one-component moisture cure systems as well as two-component polyurethanes and highly filled formulas. It offers excellent sag resistance in pigmented systems, high gloss and is highly sheer thinning.

K-KAT 670 is a novel catalyst for the crosslinking of silane-terminated polymers. It is intended for use in coatings and sealants. It is also very effective for use with either ethoxysilane or methoxysilane groups.

K-POL® 8211 is a new, 100%-active, low-viscosity and high-Tg diol for VOC-compliant coatings. It offers good energy deflection, hot tire resistance properties and is extremely attractive as an alternative to current caprolactone technologies designed for two-component polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Benefits include good exterior durability, a better hardness and flexibility relationship and good hot tire resistance.

King is also exhibiting products that showcase the company’s continued and growing interest in its core K-FLEX resin modifier technology. K-FLEX XM-337andK-FLEX 188for zero-VOC coatings are designed to provide high hardness with good flexibility and VOC compliance. K-FLEX XM-337 and K-FLEX 188 offer excellent resistance properties and energy deflecting. They are designed for two-component polyurethane and melamine or blocked NCO bake coatings in addition to adhesives, sealants and elastomers.

K-FLEX XM-332 is King’s lowest viscosity (400 cP) resin modifier for VOC compliance, with excellent low-temperature flexibility and energy absorption. It also offers good flow/leveling properties. It is designed for use in two-component systems or blocked NCO bake systems.

NACORR XR-422 and NACORR 1389 are environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors that can be easily post added to coatings in order to provide improved moisture and corrosion resistance. Higher gloss may also result from NACORR use, based on good pigment wetting characteristics. NACORR XR-422 and NACORR 1389 are designed for solventborne and aqueous air dry and thermoset coatings as well as melamine bake systems, primers, maintenance coatings and general industrial coatings. NACORR XR-422 is also very effective in waterborne coatings.