IGM Resins, a global provider of energy-curing raw material solutions, announces that it has acquired Litian, a Chinese manufacturer of energy-curing resins. This acquisition is an important step in IGM Resins’ ‘Go, Grow, Green’ strategy, enabling the company to further expand its global footprint, strengthening its supply chain, and enhancing its leading position in energy-curing solutions with a combined product portfolio. 

Litian is currently the second-largest Chinese producer of UV acrylates with a high market share and strong reputation in Asia. Over the years, Litian has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety and to driving sustainability: “safety first, environmental protection first” is the foundational principle of Litian, which became a second-level safety standardization enterprise in 2015 and, to date, has never had a major safety accident. Furthermore, 80% of the company’s electricity consumption is from wind power. Litian can also manufacture all products through a self-developed toluene-free process to meet market demand and continues to invest in three-waste treatment technologies and facilities. 

The acquisition will give IGM Resins a global production footprint for resins with locations now in both Rudong, China and Charlotte, North Carolina. The acquisition also strengthens the company’s presence in the Asian market, diversifies its resins production globally, and strengthens its customer-centric solution provision across three product lines, through the combination of photoinitiators, energy-curing resins, and additives.