The Chemours Co. launched Track & Trace, an order tracking technology that provides Ti-Pure™ Flex and Connect customers with real-time visibility into their order location and status directly from the eCommerce portals. This technology gives step-by-step shipment updates, providing Ti-Pure customers with improved visibility and supply reliability. Similar to consumer eCommerce delivery tracking, Ti-Pure Flex and Connect customers are now armed with up-to-the-minute delivery information that adds transparency and efficiency to their supply chain and production processes.

“Chemours Titanium Technologies is committed to customer-centered innovation, and that extends beyond our product portfolio to every aspect of the customer experience, including logistics and final-mile delivery,” said Aditya Beri, VP of Titanium Technologies Supply Chain & Minerals at Chemours. “With Track & Trace, our Ti-Pure Flex and Connect customers can operate with greater clarity and confidence when it comes to pigment deliveries, which is critical in today’s environment where supply chain issues can cause ripple effects across industries.”

Track & Trace is launching as a beta version – which will continue to be optimized over time – and includes global ocean tracking and road/truck monitoring in North America and Europe. In addition, customers can access Track & Trace directly through their Ti-Pure Flex and Connect portals.

“Reliability of supply has emerged as a competitive advantage for our customers. As a leading supplier of TiO2 solutions, providing our customers with that edge requires that we have the industry’s most efficient and innovative end-to-end supply chain. We’re continually looking to elevate this standard by implementing new technology that benefits our customers,” said Christopher Young, director of Titanium Technologies Supply Chain at Chemours. “We’re thrilled with the progress our supply chain and logistics teams have made in pursuing this goal and look forward to seeing how Track & Trace benefits our customers around the globe.”

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